Wednesday , 23 July 2014

Sokolovsky narrows Russian NT candidates to 20, leaves Abrosimova outside

Russian National Team head coach has announced 20+2 players who will go to the team’s training camp on May 27.





Elena Danilochkina Point guard Nadezhda
Katerina Keyru Point guard Chevakata
Becky Hammon Point guard Sparta&K
Tatiana Popova Point guard Dynamo Moscow
Natalia Zhedik Shooting guard Nadezhda
Ilona Korstin Shooting guard Perfumerias Avenida
Evgenia Belyakova Shooting guard Sparta&K
Olga Arteshina Small forward UMMC
Maria Cherepanova Small forward Chevakata
Anastasia Shilova Small forward Dynamo-GUVD
Irina Sokolovskaya Small forward Dynamo Moscow
Natalia Vodopyanova Small forward Dynamo Kursk
Marina Kuzina Power forward Sparta&K
Tatiana Vidmer Power forward UMMC
Natalia Myasoedova Power forward Dynamo-GUVD
Anna Petrakova Power forward Dynamo Kursk
Natalia Vieru Center Good Angels Kosice
Nadezhda Grishaeva Center Arras
Ekaterina Lisina Center Dynamo Kursk
Irina Osipova Center Sparta&K

Reserves: Marina Karpunina, Liudmila Sapova.

Both Karpunina and Sapova will start their camps on May 10 with the reserve squad.

Ekaterina Ruzanova, Svetlana Abrosimova, Anastasia Logunova have been removed from the initial 25 player roster.

The most surprising of them all is the absence of NT captain Svetlana Abrosimova. According to Sokolovsky the reason for her absence is her very small playing time over the past two seasons. She averaged 15 minutes per game in Russian league and 11 minutes per game in EuroLeague Women.

Of course that criteria wasn’t put to work when he decided to drag along Marina Karpunina who hasn’t played competitive basketball for two years or Ilona Korstin who had the same bench role with Avenida as Abrosimova did with UMMC.

Becky Hammon will join the team in mid-July.