EuroLeague Women champions Ros Casares cease existing

EuroLeague Women champion Ros Casares president German Ros has announced they have withdrawn from Spanish league and EuroLeague Women.

Announcement also states that the team will continue to support and work with youth teams.

Last season Ros Casares finally triumphed in both EuroLeague Women – their first and only ELW championship.

First reports of this started to come out a week ago.

This leaves now former Ros Casares players – Laia Palau, Silvia Dominguez, Shay Murphy, Jana Vesela, Sancho Lyttle – without a team. Though there is still plenty of time left before the next season starts, big budget teams like UMMC and Fenerbahce have already more or less completed their rosters for the upcoming season.

  • Juan Hernandez

    Samcho is the biggiest name coming out of this group. The fans want Sancho in Fenerbahce check out twitter but can they afford her with all the names they are alreadying paying? I don’t see her playing in Spain anymore. Lyttle is wanted by pretty much every clube now who’s going to show her the money? Laia Palau and Silvia Domingue are the next big names and they may stay in Spain and play for former team maybe Shay Murphy may go with them.

  • Katie

    Sancho Little sing with Nadezhda!100%!