Quick thoughts on EuroLeague Women group draw

Some quick thoughts following EuroLeague Women draw on Friday.

  • Group C looks to be the strongest with 4 teams that can all make the Final Eight. UMMC should hold an edge over Galatasaray, Prague looks better than Avenida.
  • Group B should end up as the weakest. After Fenerbahce there’s a drop off to Nadezhda, then there’s a drop off to Schio, Kosice and Sopron and an even bigger drop off to Arras and Targoviste.
  • It would be a surprise if any of the teams coming from the bottom two pots advanced to playoffs, though if some of the midfield teams have injury issues it’s not impossible.
  • Rivas can be considered the unluckiest team. Being the weakest in the first pot, they received potentially the strongest opponents from second and third pots.
  • Anyone of Wisla, Sparta&K and Bourges could win group A. After going to F8 final in the spring it’s still hard to imagine Rivas being favorites in group A. They should be happy if they finish third.
  • Early dark horse: Nadezhda. Can qualify very high with that composition of Group B to receive weaker opponents in both quarter finals and potentially in Final Eight.
  • Interesting match-ups in first two weeks – Bourges – Wisla in week 1, Sparta&K – Bourges, Galatasaray – USK Prague in week 2.

Team analysis will come before the season.

  • Pepe Matanza

    Group A:
    Rivas made some strange signings and while we dont know who will be in Brno, it will be hardest group to predict. Spartak is the strongest team in group A (on the paper) but will be intresting to see how they will play (last season the won like 5 games with 2,3 points difference).
    Group B:
    I would rather say that Sopron and Arras will not advance. Trgoviste made a decent team and few more signing will be announced. Schio is a strong team (on the paper).Fener have the weakest team in last few years and their weakest link is the coach and Im not sure in what shape Biba will be. Still waiting Kosice to announce their americans and if Zirkova will play or not.If she play and they keep the core of the team, they can be tough oppononet for everyone.I have a feeling that Nadezda will not be that “dark” horse.
    Group C:
    The strongest group for sure.Gala and Ekat will fight for top spot in that group.Prague have strong team (on the paper) but knowing what they did in past, im sure that will have ups and downs and fiba will need to change rules and give them to play with two balls concidering what individuals they have. And the coach…very weak.Avenida lowered the budget and will be intresting to see who will coach them.They are tough team at home.Also, CCC can make some damage in that group as well, especially at home.Novi Zagreb will be a joke of Euroleague and will probably have zero wins in the group.

  • jack

    ccc sign a contract with Palau….Oblak out

    • basketball

      Why out?

      • Jānis Kacēns

        Looked like torn ACL against Lithuania on Wednesday.