Ilona Korstin awarded 74.5 thousand Euros from Besiktas

Ilona Korstin photo: Alexander Lukin/FIBA Europe

FIBA Basketball Arbitral Tribunal has posted it’s decision in the case where Ilona Korstin demanded Turkish club Besiktas to pay her outstanding salaries and compensation in the amount of EUR 74’527.

Korstin’s salary last season was set to be 165’000 EUR. Monthly payments by the team were delayed every month, so they were warned every month that the player can terminate the contract unilaterally if they continue to miss the payments.

At the end of January she finally left the team signing with Perfumerias Avenida. There her contract was set to be 18’000 EUR. According to documents in that ruling, she was able to perform for Avenida only when FIBA Secretary General issued her a letter of clearance as Turkish Basketball Federation would not do that, due to claims by Besiktas she was still under contract..

In her claim she demanded the rest of her salary she had not received by then which was 90’000 EUR minus the 18’000 EUR she received at Salamanca. That claim was validated as she was awarded the outstanding fees from her contract as well as her costs of arbitration and legal fees.

  • James Bowman

    Ah, but who *hasn’t* had to go to the BAT to get their money from Besitkas?

    2009 Milica Dabovic
    2010 Alexis Hornbuckle
    2010 Laura Harper
    2010 Dubravka Dacic
    2011 Sandra Mandir
    2012 Iveta Salkauske
    2012 Iziane Castro Marques
    2012 Kelly Da Silva
    2012 Ilona Korstin

    I expect there to be more names on this list in the future. :D