Shanxi go up 2-1 on Zhejiang in the WCBA finals as Moore posts a triple-double

Shanxi took the lead in the finals series after a win on Saturday evening at home.

After a brief splash at the end of first quarter, Shanxi pulled away from their opponents in the second quarter and never were really bothered by Zhejiang as they managed to hold them at bay.

Maya Moore led Shanxi with 43 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists – her first triple double in her dominant WCBA season.

Liz Cambage did not have much help as she scored 54 of her team’s 98 points, though one can argue she did not offer much effort on the defensive side for Zhejiang.

Game four of the series will be played in Hangzhou after Zhejiang were banned from playing in Yiwu after the fans attacked referees following previous game.

Shanxi – Zhejiang 112-98
Shanxi: Moore 43 (12 reb, 11 as), Jinzhu 14, Zhang 13, Liang 10, Dong 10, Xueya 10
Zhejiang: Cambage 54 (11 reb), Xuemei 14, Binbin 11, Lan 11
Shanxi lead the series 2-1.