Alina Iagupova’s WNBA draft selection has been voided

Alina Iagupova photo:FIBA Europe/MN Press

Alina Iagupova photo:FIBA Europe/MN Press

LWB has learned that the 34th selection in the draft that was Ukrainian guard Alina Iagupova, selected by Los Angeles Sparks, has been voided by the league.

Reason for that is that Iagupova turns 21 this year.

According to WNBA CBA article XIII, section 1(d):

Notwithstanding Section 1(b) above, an international player is eligible to be selected in the WNBA Draft if she will be at least 20 years old during the calendar year in which such Draft is held.

Also the WNBA CBA article XIII, section 1(g) states that..

No player shall be eligible for selection in more than two (2) WNBA Drafts.

The language isn’t too clear in this agreement, but it appears that the league is interpreting it as “at least 20 years old” means that she can be drafted only in the year she turns 20. And the part of being eligible in no more than two drafts does not apply to international players, who are eligible in only one year.

This isn’t the only time Sparks selection has been voided. The same happened in 2011 with their pick of Elina Babkina, who was drafted in the year she turned 22.

Iagupova is a free agent and can negotiate with anyone if she decides to make the next step.

  • basketball

    “at least 20 years old…” means “minimum 20 years old…” or I am wrong ?

    • JanisK

      Yes. But the league appears to have interpreted it as just the year she turns 20. Unless a team wants to take the league to court on it, that’s the way it will be.

      New CBA will have to be negotiated during the next offseason. Guessing the language there could be more clearer.

  • JennyJenny867

    Pretty picky with your selective discarding of posts. What was wrong with that one?