Bus carrying Uni Gyor crashes, team’s manager and head coach dead (Updated)

Crash site photo: kisalfold.hu

Crash site photo: kisalfold.hu

Hungarian media is reporting that a bus that was carrying Hungarian club Uni Gyor to a preseason game at Sopron has crashed and there has been a fatality.

The crash was caused by a car that drove in to bus’s lane. In order to avoid a head on collision bus swerved to the right. While the vehicles did not collide head-on, the car still crashed in the bus.

According to local authorities one person is dead, all sixteen remaining passengers are injured – several very seriously.

Local media have identified team’s manager Peter Tapodi as the passenger who was killed. Team’s head coach Fuzy Akos has reportedly sustained life threatening injuries.

Uni Gyor roster: Americans Samantha Mackay, Daniella Diamant, Serbians Natasa Kovacevic, Milica Ivanovic, Hungarians Agnes Dobos, Anna Mansare, Kinga Penzes, Dora Koch, Noemi Czirjak, Krisztina Kovacs, Evelin Tullner, Anna Lakloth, Barbara Semsei.

Update 17:25: Gyor’s head coach Fuzy Akos has passed away in hospital. He was evacuated to hospital with a helicopter, but he had lost too much blood. Unfortunately there have been serious injuries to at least one of the players, too – 19 year old Serbian forward Natasa Kovacevic’s feet were so damaged they had to be amputated.

Update 18:55: Hungarian media have specified that Kovacevic has only her left leg amputated below the knee. She is out of surgery. No else is in a life threatening condition.

Update 20:35: 70 year old driver of the car, who suffered just some chest and head injuries, has been placed under arrest for causing the deathly crash.

Automobile Lada that caused the crash photo: MTI

Automobile Lada that caused the crash photo: MTI

Bus photo: MTI

Bus photo: MTI



Laszlo Ratgeber: “They were like my brothers. I can’t believe what happened.”
Uni Gyor bus crash injury updates
Kovacevic’s condition is stable, expected to be transported to Serbia next week

Source: Kisalfold, Nemzeti Sport
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