Gyor confirms withdrawal from MEL, specifies lengths of player absences

Uni Gyor photo: Uni Gyor

Uni Gyor photo: Uni Gyor

As was written yesterday, Uni Gyor has confirmed withdrawal from Middle European League (MEL) and continue with EuroLeague Women and Hungarian league.

Team’s president Fuzy Andras also specified some of the expected recovery times for the players.

20 year old Evelin Tullner, who suffered an open ankle fracture, will be out for about a year, so she’s not expected to play this season. Krisztina Kovacs is set to miss 3 months, but since this was her final season she has decided to retire early. Dora Koch will be out eight weeks with a wrist fracture. Samantha MacKay, who suffered two cracked vertebrae, could be out 6-8 weeks. Six weeks could be the term for Noemie Czirjak, who suffered a back injury.

Mantyra Mansare and Kinga Penzes could require a rehab of three weeks, Anna Lakloth, Agnes Dobos and Barbara Semsei – two. Serbian Milica Ivanovic could need just a week of rehab before she can return to basketball in 3 weeks time. Only player fit to play right now is Dannielle Diamant, who was not on the bus.

Until the start of their season, which will start with them hosting defending EuroLeague Women champions UMMC Ekaterinburg, there are still eight weeks remaining. They will start the Hungarian league campaign in the second part of November.

Gyor will sign some short term help until the start of the December at the point guard and power forward positions.

For now the practices will be led by assistant coach Aron Szentendrei and fitness coach Istvan Barthalos.

Source: Uni Gyor
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