Saturday , 19 April 2014

EuroLeague Women Power Rankings 2014: Week 5

It’s that time of the week.

P LW Team Comment
1. 1. UMMC Ekaterinburg Kursk provided all the teams a tape on how to score on Ekat. Now all they have to do is get themselves a Rebekkah Brunson and Seimone Augustus. No biggie.
2. 2. Fenerbahce We had a rare Nevin Nevlin sighting last weekend. Fener having Hollingsworth also as a naturalized American, has killed her playing time.
3. 3. ZVVZ USK Prague Ten days have passed and I’ve still have yet to come up with anything from the team regarding Michaela Stejskalova’s injury.
4. 4. Good Angels Kosice As I wrote here – FIBA Europe’s PoY nominations have slighted some of the performances teams like Kosice and Polkowice received last season. It’s a shame.
5. 5. Galatasaray I don’t think there has happened anything worthwhile with Galatasaray after loss to Prague, so here’s a pic of Esra Sencebe and a dog.
6. 6. Famila Schio
This banner of Schio makes me wish teams in Europe would wear alternate unis a couple of times a season to change up things.
7. 7. Bourges Basket My faith in Bourges has been restored, if only for the rest of the week after a rout of Gyor and OT win at Montpellier.
8. 8. Wisla Can-Pack Sports club Wisla Krakow, of which Wisla Can-Pack team is a part of, is asking its fans to donate as the club has encountered some financial troubles and could close up some sections of the club. Don’t think it would affect women’s pro team, but you never know.
9. 10. Rivas Ecopolis So apparently Rivas Ecopolis is interested in services of Vanessa Ble, alongside Uni Girona. Ble’s contract with Galatasaray expires sometime in December.
10. 9. Lattes Montpellier After going 7 of 11 against her former team, Shameka Christon has been 6 of 28, which sounds about right.
11. 12. Sparta&K Vidnoje
Gala and Prague are clearly the top teams in Group C. For me Vidnoje right now is in a solid third place.
12. 11. Perfumerias Avenida Perfumerias Avenida statement regarding Ivankovic’s statements paraphrased: “Good game, nothing to see here.”
13. 17. Nadezhda Orenburg At least in Russia the lesson appears to be to can your coach as soon as the team loses a couple they should have won. Both Orenburg and Kursk appear to have overturned their seasons after coaching changes.
14. 13. Kayseri KASKI First domestic loss for Kayseri at the hands of Istanbul Universitesi, who could also compete in ELW with much troubles.
15. 14. IMOS Brno Ivana Jalcova injured something against Rivas. Haven’t seen no updates on that since then. Brno had the weekend off in Czech league.
16. 15. UE Sopron Iva Ciglar moving to Sopron is more of a lateral move for the player. Speaks of the situation in Zagreb, if she wanted to leave.
17. 16. Kibirkstis-VICI Hopeless loss to Vidnoje. Speaks just how awful Polkowice and Avenida played against them.
18. 19. CCC Polkowice Valeriya Musina – world beater when the games don’t matter, non-factor when they do.
19. 18. Novi Zagreb I don’t know much coach Ivankovic’s comments reflected the game against Avenida, but I do like folks speaking their mind.
20. 20. Uni Gyor Courtney Vandersloot appears to be on a good pace to post some decent numbers which might help her not be unemployed when the next September rolls around.