Roundup: PEAC Pecs wins Hungarian Cup, Abby Bishop named MVP

PEAC Pecs dethroned previous three year Hungarian Cup winners UE Sopron with a four point win in the final.

Both finalists were very closely matched with PEAC Pecs holding a narrow lead through most of the second half. Sopron got within one point as the game entered the final minute, but inability to grab defensive rebounds in the final minute would kill any chances Sopron hoped to have. PEAC Pecs grabbed offensive boards off Nevena Jovanovic missed three pointer, then off of her missed FT after she had made the first one. Maurita Reid iced the game from the FT line after that last offensive board for PEAC.

Top scorer for PEAC in the final was Australian post Abby Bishop, who had 19 points.

She was also named the MVP of the Hungarian Cup Final Eight. In the All-Tournament team she was joined by Dora Medgyessy (MTK Budapest), Zsofia Fegyverneky (UE Sopron), Nevena Jovanovic (PEAC Pecs), and Zsofia Horvath (ZTE NKK).

MTK Budapest won the bronze medal after a 32 point performance by Serbian guard Smiljana Ivanovic. Bosnian post Dragana Svitlica led ZTE with 31 points in the loss.

Both PEAC Pecs and UE Sopron advanced to the final with easy wins in the semifinals.  They were more challenged in the quarterfinals – PEAC defeated PINKK Pecsi by 5 points, Sopron beat DVTK by 13 points.


UE Sopron – PEAC Pecs 61-65
Sopron: Fegyverneky Z. 19, Krnjic S. 13 (6 reb), Ciglar I. 10 (6 reb, 6 as, 5 to), Simon Z. 8, Faris K. 7 (5 to)
PEAC: Bishop A. 19, Raksányi K. 11, Jovanovic N. 10 (6 reb), Reid M. 9 (9 as), Bujdosó N. 5, Fűrész D. 5

3rd Place Final

MTK Budapest – ZTE NKK 72-66
MTK: Ivanovic S. 32 (5 reb), Varga Z. 11, Horváth Z. 8 (15 reb), Czukor T. 7 (6 reb), Mányoky J. 7 (6 reb), Török S. 5
ZTE: Svitlica D. 31 (6 reb), Medgyessy D. 11, Orsó V. 8, Bagi M. 5 (5 reb)


MTK Budapest – PEAC Pecs 45-74
Budapest: Szabó V. 9 (7 reb), Baksa B. 6 (5 reb), Medgyessy D. 6 (6 reb), Svitlica D. 5, Orsó V. 5
PEAC: Reid M. 11, Raus V. 10, Kaposi P. 10 (11 reb), Kublina I. 10, Bishop A. 9, Pap R. 9, Szűcs R. 5

ZTE NKK – UE Sopron 49-95
ZTE: Varga Z. 12, Mányoky J. 8, Ivanovic S. 7, Czukor T. 6, Horváth Z. 6
Sopron: Tetemondova K. 20 (6 reb), Hawkins T. 18 (10 reb), Stankovic D. 16 (14 reb), Zsovár O. 10, Krnjic S. 8 (7 reb), Fegyverneky Z. 7, Ciglar I. 6 (9 as)